Espresso Machine

Basic concept modeling project


The design is inspired by Tintin's Moon Rocket from Hergé's magazine "Destination Moon" from 1950.

Renderings were done in VRED Professional and the coffee steam effect was created in Photoshop CC.


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Surface Modeling in Catia V5


All modeling performed in Catia V5 in the following workbenches:

- Generative Shape Design

- FreeStyle

- Part Design

- Assembly Design

- Drafting


The Tintin logo paths were edited in Adobe Illustrator prior to import to Catia.

Sketches and inspiration


Hergé's original Tintin illustration from 1950 served as basic design inspiration.

I then made a quick ball pen and marker sketch and scanned it into Photoshop.

All shadings were then created in different layers in Photoshop.


The Photoshop image was finally imported to Catia as a shape guide during surface modeling.

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