Glue Gun

Design brief, sketches and clay model

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Background and project description

Verbal brief - Visual brief - Function analysis


(In Swedish)

Shape and design features

Characteristic KTM design elements have been implemented in the sketches

and on the clay model.


Front fairing stealth design - Spaceframe design - Back wheel & depot stand


I did a series of sketches based on the desired features, as described above.

The overall shape and proportions were modified to fit a handheld glue gun.

Then I did a rendering in dry pastels and markers on the final sketch.


Graphite pencil - Ballpoint pen - Markers - Dry pastels.

Clay model

Finally I sculpted a full scale clay model, based on the sketches.


The extendable spaceframe, which doubles as a stand for the glue gun,

was 3D-modeled in Catia V5 and then 3D-printed and painted in KTM orange.


The yellow glue cartridge is a real one and the glue nozzle is a modified pen cap.

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