Earlier work

Sketches, renderings, figure drawings, 2D and 3D graphics


These are examples of early work made back in the 80s and 90s.


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Cars and motorcycles

Vehicle design and automotive body styling has always been a passion of mine.

These sketches were created several years ago but represent my early interest in exploring shapes, light and proportion.


Graphite Pencil - Markers - Dry Pastels

3D Models - Alias

During a period in the 90's while working as a graphic designer, I had the opportunity of trying some basic modeling in Alias.

These renderings represent my early steps in 3D modeling.

Unfortunately I didn't have the chance of continuing with Alias at that time.

2D Vector based graphics - Dalim

As a graphic designer in the early 90's I worked mostly with vector based applications, similar to Illustrator today. Without the capability of scanning or handling pixel based images, everything had to be created from scratch.


These are examples from that work.

Vehicle graphics

During my time in the advertising business I had some assignments that were different and fun to work on. These are examples of graphic vehicle design I did.

The first is for Kraftbuss in Västervik and the second is advertising for the local

phone book DinDel on trams in Gothenburg. My marker sketches was transferred to a digital cutting table for decals and then the decal pieces were mounted on the vehicles manually.


These are photos of the final result.

Figure drawing and still life

Various pencil drawings.

High school design project

Design sketches for a new phone back in the 80's.

Graphite Pencil - Markers - Dry Pastels

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